Throwing Glory

by Wealthy Orphans

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This album marks a two year history of the Wealthy Orphans playing together and exploring thier sound. This process has led the band down some Eastern Euro alleyways. One can also hear the influences of Tom Waits, and Bruce Springsteen. The songs and basic structure were created by Rick Beerhorst, but the arrangements were created as a band working together. The package design was a collaboration between Beerhorst and GreyMatter Group design company.


released October 7, 2012

This album was recorded in the space of 2 weeks with Alex McGrath at Hoi Polloi studio.The tracks were mastered by legendary Gene Paul in NYC.



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The Wealthy Orphans Grand Rapids, Michigan

Playing music forged in the heat of real life, the Wealthy Orphans open hearts and unzip heaven. Their songs are lite up with vivid imagery and haunted by enigmatic narratives.

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Track Name: Wealthy Orphans - Baby Who Have You Been With?
Baby who have you been with x2
He must be really fine, honey suckle on the vine
Baby, I don't know where you've been x2
Ya got a glow like a lighting bug, giving everyone a great big hug
It sure is nice to see you smile x2
Ya got your hair done and a pretty dress, the check book empty but ya couldn't care less
You've got the whole world by the tail, you've got the wind in every sail.
Dance yourself a little jig, you're fit as a fiddle, your sweet as a fig.
Track Name: Broken Dreams
float your boat in all your tears, plug the holes up with gum
swallow a stone for every hidden sin, you've been playing with a loaded gun
toss your friends out into the street, the dinner you made tastes like it's built of wood
it took you all summer to mend your pretty dress and now your engine's smoking underneath the hood

broken dreams, broken dreams, broken dreams
throw them all away

hack saw back hand a dusty road, a broken bolt and a rusted screw
she's up in the attic, I'm down in the dumps and there aint enough meat for a stew
dance on the grave with a wooden shoe, fresh dirt where the hole used to be
pound out the dents with an old claw hammer, lock your heart with a skeleton key


bake a cake, button up your lip, there's a kite to catch the wind
you pull down the house when you cut the rug, your moon is made of cheese
butter my bread on both sides, straighten every crooked nail
the pigeon up on the telephone line and your check is in the mail


the apples fall where ever they want when the wind is shaking up the trees
Grandpa can find his false teeth and the children will eat for free
the engine throws a rod, the block is cracked and everything screeches to a halt

the sun comes out to heat things up and I know this is all my fault.
Track Name: The Young Become The Old
The trees begin to drop their leaves, the fathers all roll up their sleeves and rake them into burning piles the wind will carry the smoke for miles.

The geese insist to fly in Vs, their beauty drops me to my knees. Summer's buried deep in her grave with the tulip bulbs and the money we saved


The wind and the rain, each year it's the same.
The snow and the cold, the young become the old.

The wind kicks the leaves into the air. The boots make a line up and down the stairs. An apple pie on the counter to cool. Fall is wise and summer's a fool.

The storm windows are all in place. The summer clothes in an old suitcase. The rabbits and chickens have all been fed. There's an extra quilt on every bed.


The forgotten man with his flint and steel, his tall leather boots with the cherry wood heals. He buttons his coat against the wind, the sky the color of old beaten tin.

In the root cellar he stores his jellies and jams, pickles potatoes, sausage and ham. The mouse goes underneath the door to nibble the grain that fell to the floor.

Track Name: Looking For My Muse
I've been looking for my muse, digging around for something I can use.
I was left waiting on the line so I carved out myself a little piece of mind.

I watch the people walk up and down my street while the sun drops her clues down at my feet.
I grew my self a little ache and a pain.
I just stood there watching as Able got killed by Cain.

You move me, you are the muse for me x2

I came up empty a little too soon so I drowned all my sorrow in the light of the moon.
Peel off the label a little piece at a time.
What didn't fit in the suitcase we just left behind.

I found some silver in the bottom of the drawer.
Were there some there might be more.
I can feel my luck about to change.
Pull the trigger, turn the page.


I've got a long way to go so I'm leaving tonight.
A dollar in my pocket and my hat down tight.
You will look for me but I'll be gone.
Nothing left behind but this sad, sad song.
I've got a hole working through the bottom of my shoe.
Deep in my pocket there's a picture of you.
Like an old record stuck in one place.
Then a push and a shove and we're moving with grace.

Track Name: Never Pass This Way Again
Every beauty sleeping, every Jesus crucified.
Your favorite plate will get broken and the hero will cry.
Every rock star wounded, ugly ducklings ridiculed.
Tonight our prom queen is weeping for her last day at school.


When I die make my bones into flutes.
When I rise I'll pull up all my roots.
For I will never pass this way again.

All your cut flowers are dying, your full moon will wane.
Your beauty is fleeting and your winning horse has gone lame.
All the money you've been saving in the secret place under the floor, now your house is on fire, the smoke comes in as you go out the back door.


Tell me what you've been building with all those wedding rings?
And how many dishes to fill a hundred kitchen sinks?
There's a pretty place in Heaven for the pervert and the prostitute, on the banks of the river where the trees are always heavy with their fruit.

Track Name: Dangerous Places
She does her hips just like Elvis, Tina Turner meets Fred Astaire. She makes friends in dangerous places hides a pistol in her hair.
She's got lasers for her eyes and a tussle in her bustle. Temptation on her corner the way she moves will hypnotize.


Oh please give me some water, a little drop for my tongue. Send me down Mr Jacobs Ladder and I will climb up rung by rung.

I try to talk but I can't all I can do is stammer.
My heart beating hard like an old trip hammer.
Like a lamb to the slaughter, like a stone rolling down a hill.
I don't know what I'm doing, I have lost all my will.

She anoints herself with oil from the places far away.
She's wearing silk her sheets are satin and she knows the words to say.
Skeletons in her closet say "Boy get up and run".
The Devil laughs and pumps the organ and says tonight was made for fun.


History's littered with her victims, Babylon to Timbuktu.
With a wink and a kiss she's got a hold of you.
Hell fire is leaping lake of fire my new home.
I would fly from here right now but my heart's heavy as a stone.

Brothers listen to my story, taste my tears and head my call.
Don't fall into her trap cause if you do, you loose it all.

Track Name: Judgement Day
Every bell the is ringing, every saw that cuts the wood.
There's a girl some where crying and a boy misunderstood.
The sink is full of dishes and the sky is caving in.
I pound another nail in the cross every time I sin.


Stack the wood pile, spread the straw
Butcher the last chicken. Pull the dead tooth from my jaw.

Like a song that's forgotten, like a key that's been lost.
Every single flower died in last nights hard frost.
Stack up all my kisses, melt away like a bar of soap.
You'll know where to find me, at the end of my rope.


Now the ship it is sinking, the sky is caving in.
Our hearts go right on beating while the snow is blowing in.
So grab your winter coat dear and throw you dice away.
The storm clouds have gathered and it looks like judgement day.


Now I am crying. I know my soul is lost.
My heart black as the crow I know how much my sin has cost.
So make me a bed of oak leaves that I might sink down in.
My heart it is the cushion and you are the pin.